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What is Puppies for Parole?

Puppies for Parole is an awesome program that takes shelter dogs into the prisons to give them training by offenders. This gives the shelter dogs a second chance and gives the offenders opportunities to learn some life skills. If you would like information about the shelter dogs, please do not hesitate to contact me. They are very well trained when they come out of the program and they need a forever home.

What is MidMo Waggers?

MidMo Waggers is an awesome opportunity for families to bond with their dogs learning obedience, agility, rally, tricks, and more. Members of this class are invited to perform with their dogs at community events, but this isn't mandatory. It is an on going class which is why an orientation class is required if you are new to the group.

Why do I need an orientation for MidMo Waggers class?

Many members of MidMo Waggers have been training for awhile. New members need to have a foundation in training before they enter the class, so they as well as their dog are not over-whelmed their first class. A Dog Basic Obedience or Puppy School session can be substituted for the orientation class.